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                                                                                                        Are you getting the most out of your boiler and central heating system? With ever increasing gas & electric prices, at ACPS Ltd we aim to offer grade A energy efficient boilers and central heating systems...From boiler upgrades, to full installs. All our installations come with digital room thermostats, inhibitors and central heating filters, additionally we can offer thermostatic radiator valves and machine chemical flushing to remove systems of sludge.

We offer excellent service and very competitive prices on all New Combination Boiler Installations. 10 Reasons why you should use ACPS Ltd to install your new boiler:


   We give all our customers the best advice regarding new boilers and installation.

   Every single boiler is installed by a fully qualified, experienced and friendly heating engineer.

   We only install high efficiency, brand name boilers in accordance with part L regulations.

   As an independant company you are not restricted to a choice of only 1 or 2 boilers.

   Our boiler installations are registered with Gas Safe in accordance with building regulations.

   All of our new combi boiler installation work complies with all necessary regulations in the UK.

   We are fully insured and carry £2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

   Our heating engineer delivers a top class, friendly service, your house is left just as it is found.

   You will receive full training on how to use your new boiler.  

   We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service.

To Get Your NewCombi Boiler Installed Call: 

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Whether you are wanting a Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi or other type of high efficiency combi boiler our team of riendly and helpful heating engineers will give you advice and what to look for and the pros and cons of each models, which one will best suit your style and size of home as well as what warranty and manufacturer guarantees come with each model.

Buying and installing a new boiler can be expensive and something which you may not have done before. Our helpful advice and guidance will help you understand how you can spend your money wisely and get most bang for your buck. ACPS Ltd are perfectly based to install new combi boilers anywhere within Blackpool and the M55 areas. We aim to provide a great service to ensure our customers keep coming back to us year after year.


A Broken Boiler Can be Very Inconvenient, But Also Dangerous... 

We know how frustrating it can be when your boiler breaks down. Just having a bath or shower becomes a nightmare and waking up to no heating in the middle of winter is not a nice position to be in. While we suggest you take regular care of your boiler by getting a plumber to service it we also know a lot of people don’t and that is when a boiler can develop problems and break down. 

Quick Boiler Diagnosis 

A broken boiler can be something as little as a stubborn valve or something a lot more serious such as a burnt panel or corroded heat exchanger. ACPS Ltd will diagnose the problem quickly and take the best way to your heating working again. We all know no heating and no hot water is a pain, a broken boiler can also be dangerous if not fixed quickly. 

Boiler Aftercare 

ACPS Ltd Blackpool Heating & Plumbing, engineer is fully trained and Gas Safe registered so you know you’re in safe hands. Once we have found the source of the problem and your boiler has been repaired we recommend that you take use up on our Boiler Servicing Programme. There are many advantages to having a regularly serviced boiler both financially and from the safety aspect. An unserviced boiler can be dangerous by giving out carbon monoxide gas is which can be lethal, also servicing a boiler can reveal initial signs of any problems which may be about to occur with your heating system.

Before Calling ACPS Ltd

When calling us to get your boiler repaired note down as much information about your boiler, any warning lights or error messages as well as the make and model of your boiler. The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to diagnose the problem and then turn up prepared which should mean it will be cheaper and quicker for you to get your boiler working again.

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Gas Appliances MUST be Regularly Serviced to Remain Safe & Efficient...

All gas appliances must be regularly serviced to maintain safe and efficient operation. A gas boiler must be serviced annually. If a gas appliance is not regularly serviced it may be burning the gas with insufficient oxygen causing incomplete combustion resulting in the production of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless and tasteless poisonous gas which can kill quickly and without warning. Levels of carbon monoxide that do not kill can cause serious harm to health if breathed in over a long period of time. 

Modern boilers are very safe when maintained in the correct way. Our engineer is fully trained and qualified to service all domestic gas boilers.

Boiler Servicing & Repairs in Blackpool: 

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